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Alison Van Hecke

Alison Van Hecke | Founder

Chat for a few minutes with Alison Van Hecke and you’ll get a real feel for what NW Arkansas is all about. Alison’s warm personality and professional diligence represent the core of what makes life in NW Arkansas special: a true respect and caring for others.

Beyond her pleasant personality and compassion rests a true professional – a Northwest Arkansas real estate agent – with expertise and education in working with seniors and their family caregivers.

Alison is recognized as an expert in providing unique, personalized real estate services for seniors and their families. It’s an expertise that started with her experience as a licensed master’s level social worker and senior health care case manager. As she worked with seniors and their families she began noticing a distinct need.

Seniors and their families often experience feelings of being overwhelmed, both physically and emotionally, when faced with moving out of their family home.  Alison and her team of professionals can help make the moving process easier for everyone involved and provide support throughout the transition.  She has extensive policies and strategic tactics that address all of the issues unique to seniors when selling a family house and downsizing.