In this video, I will share a simple strategy our team
uses for making downsizing far less stressful and much more manageable. 

If you find yourself looking around your current home, wondering how you’ll manage to move all your belongings to a smaller residence, we have a simple solution our team here in Bentonville uses regularly that can make the process much easier. 

Moving to a retirement community or significantly downsizing can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of small boxes and no garage or covered area for staging the boxes as they are unpacked. To streamline your move and ensure a smooth transition, we recommend a 2-phase move process that can help when space is limited. 

Phase 1: The Essentials

During this initial phase, we focus on moving only the items that you will require immediately in your new residence and those items which require the muscle of a professional moving team. 

By doing so, we can set up your new space quickly and avoid dealing with an excessive number of boxes filled with items that won’t be needed right away. 

Some of the essentials include:

  1. Furniture and appliances: Bring along the necessary pieces to make your new home comfortable and functional. This is key because we will want the professional movers to help get these on and off the truck! 
  1. Toiletries and Towels: Choose those items that are instrumental in your daily life. Extra packages of toilet paper, tissue, or other replacement items can be left for phase two. 
  1. Clothing: Most clothing, unless it will be stored (i.e. seasonal) or is being relocated in large wardrobe boxes, is considered essential. 
  1. Key kitchen Items: Daily cookware and utensils used for preparing meals are essential items. Of course, coffee and tea pots are a given! 


  1. Televisions and Electronics: Key electronics are typically best moved in the first phase unless there are multiples and then the “extra” pieces may be best suited for phase two. 

Phase 2: Home Decor and Non-Essentials

Once our team has your essential items in place, there is much more space to situate and unpack the remaining boxes containing non-essential belongings. The remaining items can typically be transported easily in a company van or personal vehicle and unpacked immediately upon delivery to the new space. 

Some possible second phase items may include:

  1. Books and magazines
  2. Knick-Knacks and home decor
  3. Bulk packaged paper products 
  4. House Plants 
  5. Non-Seasonal Clothing and accessories

Following this 2-phase move process (completed over 2-3 days), you can transition smoothly into your new home, ensuring that you have everything you need while giving yourself the time and space to arrange your belongings thoughtfully.  

Moving to a retirement community or downsizing doesn’t have to be a daunting task; with a strategic approach, you can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free move.


If you are considering a move to a smaller place and would like a little assistance with space planning, packing, moving, unpacking, and dealing with the left-over “stuff” let us know! Our team at Lighthouse Group can help! Give us a call at
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