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Our Simple Process for Downsizing and Moving

People often wonder what to expect before, during, and after the moving and downsizing process. At LightHouse Group NWA, we understand that this can be a daunting task, and that’s why we’ve developed a proven, straightforward process to guide you through it. We proudly serve Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas, making downsizing in Arkansas easy for you and your family.

Complete initial consultation and paperwork with professional move management and real estate teams.

By hiring Lighthouse Group NWA early in the process, the downsizing steps that follow will feel like a breeze. We will contract with local professionals with whom we have relationships to complete the job. As soon as the paperwork is completed, we will get to work on ensuring each step of the process is completed smoothly. As always, you are the decision-maker and your professional support teams serve as guides, facilitators, and liaisons between the various other providers involved.

*The next steps make the assumption that you have selected your new residence and are ready to proceed with the relocation process. If not, the next step would be to locate and secure future residence.

Begin selecting items to be packed and/or moved to the new residence with tentative move date in mind.

Your move manager will help you to first focus ONLY on those items you wish to KEEP and move to your new place. It is easy to get distracted by the extraneous “stuff,” but trust the process — focusing on the things you want to keep will reduce stress and simplify the overall process. The items you wish to keep and take to your new home will be marked, organized, and prepared for the pack and move process.

*Very important… if you plan to have a professional estate sale following your move, refrain from donating, giving away, or selling any items during this phase. This can be done following the move. If you do it beforehand, you run the risk of not qualifying for a professional sale.

Get estimates and secure a professional moving company for your specific move date.

Moving companies are not all created equal. Lighthouse Group NWA has a select group of vendors experienced with downsizing moves. They are familiar with our processes and work to ensure that your move is smooth and without incident. Your move manager will facilitate this process and meet with you and the moving company to estimate the costs, time involved, and will secure dates to ensure availability.

Pack, move, and settle-in at the new residence.

Your move manager will be on-site at your home on both pack and move days. Depending on the quantity of items to be packed, packing and moving may occur on the same day. You can choose to be present for these processes or you may elect to make other plans, as to avoid the “busyness.” Your move manager will begin unpacking and organizing your belongings as soon as they are unloaded so that you can enjoy your first night with all your essentials available and accessible.

Finalize the settling process.

The final unpacking and settling process will take place right away — usually either the day following the move or within 72 hours afterward (depending on your preferences). Boxes will be unpacked and removed from the premises, decorative items hung, etc. Some clients elect to have the move manager assist with only a portion of this task, while others prefer to completely unpack using the move manager’s support.

Liquidate remaining items from the previous residence.

Once you have made FINAL decisions about any items you may want to keep (or take back to the previous residence), your move manager will assess the remaining items and provide guidance as to the best means for liquidation. This may be a professional sale, donations, buy-out, consignment, or some combination thereof. With the ultimate disposition of the remaining items decided, your move manager will facilitate completion of the liquidation process.

Have previous residence cleaned and any needed repairs made.

Most homes require some level of cleaning prior to being offered for sale. Minor repairs may also need to be completed. Lighthouse Group NWA has trusted and reliable vendors they can recommend for these tasks. Any work done by recommended vendors will be organized and overseen by your professional support team.

Your real estate team will place previous residence as “active” on the market.

Your previous residence will go active on the market as soon as it is empty and clean. Lighthouse Group NWA, your real estate team, will organize professional photographs and create a narrative that appeals to potential purchasers. You will receive information about progress and market conditions along the way.

Negotiate and finalize sale of previous residence.

The home sale process includes negotiation of price and terms, followed by home inspections (conducted by the purchaser), appraisals (conducted by purchaser’s lender), and title and abstract work. Your professional real estate team will work together with you on initial negotiations and then oversee the finalization from contract to closing. You will attend the final closing to sign documents and transfer ownership to the new owners approximately 30-45 days after the agreement of sale is completed.

Happy dance …. sigh of relief… continue on to your “new normal” lifestyle!

The timeframe will look different for everyone. Whether the process took 60 days or 6 months, now is a good time to take a deep breath and celebrate your accomplishment. You did it!

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