I don’t know about you but I am done with FEAR! This past year has been filled with fear of the virus, fear of the unknown, fear of staying-put and fear of moving. There have been so many contradicting pieces of advice from well meaning friends, family and neighbors.  Nearby neighbors just sold their house overnight, for more than their asking price. Adult children are worried that you need more help AND they are worried about you being cooped up alone in your home AND they want you to move near them. Realtors are telling you to sell now while interest rates are low and demand is high. Whew! If that isn’t enough to exhaust you, looking around your home at a lifetime of accumulation will certainly do it. In fact, downsizing is a four letter word to a lot of people. But not to us. We love it! 

What if I were to tell you that we can get your home sorted and ready to pack in four to five days? I’ll bet you wouldn’t believe me but I promise it is true. As I write this morning, I have just finished sorting two homes, TWO, in the past week. Those two homes are being packed as I write, and the homeowners will be settled happily in a matter of days. And when I say settled, I mean, settled; boxes are unpacked, packing materials removed, art on the walls, books on the bookshelves and medicine cabinets are stocked. The only thing those homeowners will have to worry about next week is meeting their new neighbors and what activities they would like to engage in. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? I’d be willing to bet that many of you reading this blog have spent the last year thinking about moving and allowing the whole idea to exhaust you. Fear has you stuck. 

Lighthouse Group NWA is a full-service company that can take you from a full house that you dread selling, to moved, unpacked and sold in less time than you could ever have imagined. All with the best people who are trained to hold your hand during the entire process. 

“But I want grandmother’s china to go to my granddaughter in Oregon.” We will do it. 

“But my family is scattered around the country and I have antique furniture that I want them to have! “ We can do it. 

“Oh I can’t get up to the attic to find out what has been stored up there. What if it’s something important?” We climb up there and bring it down to be sorted. 

“I have 30 years of financial documents. How in the world will I ever get it shredded?” We will do it for you. 

“Ok you do all that, but what do I do with all the things I don’t want to take with me? I’m going from 2,000 square feet to 900. That’s a lot of stuff.” We take care of it. We will give you the choice of an estate sale or an auction. You do nothing once you’ve told us what you want to keep. And when the sale is over, you get a check for your belongings. 

“I can’t face selling my house. It is so much work and so confusing.” We specialize in the senior housing market. Alison Van Hecke has years of experience selling homes all over NWA.  She knows what it takes to get a home market-ready. She can get your home sold quickly and with relatively little effort on your part. 

You can try, but it will be difficult, to come up with something we can’t handle. 

For us, downsizing is not a four letter word….but fear is. Let us help with that.

written by Amy Littleton